Prince Pilates
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“The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy” Joseph Pilates
“Achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be, with Prince Pilates” Charlie Prince, Founder
Pilates sessions tailored to suit the individual
Mat Classes

Face to face, live virtual and recorded classes with monthly sign up subscription - new mat class recording each week.

Studio Sessions

Face to face, live virtual and recorded classes with tailored exercises for individual needs.

Corporate Mat Class

Willains F1, Grove

Prince Pilates
Well-equipped Pilates studio based in Southmoor, Abingdon, offering matwork and equipment classes. Private or small group sessions tailored to your needs.

Matwork classes

  • General workout for all abilities
  • Face to face with mini equipment
  • Recorded classes for home use
  • New recordings each week

Studio sessions

  • Tailored to specific needs
  • Face to face on the Pilates apparatus
  • Individual or 2:1 shared


  • Face to face
  • Williams F1

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“Brilliant the classes are really good fun and so good for you!“


“Charlie is an excellent instructor who gets results in a short period of time. She is dedicated to her clients, keeps lessons varied and challenging. I highly recommend her 121 equipment lessons, I have been working with her weekly since April and can't believe the difference in my strength, posture and flexibility. I feel 2 inches taller every time I leave. If you want to challenge yourself to achieve better physical performance overall Charlie is the instructor for you.“


“Charlie is a very knowledgeable Pilates instructor. I love her classes as well as her individual sessions on her equipment. She manages to get the right level for each person and is very aware of any injuries you may have.“


“I'm extremely happy I discovered Prince Pilates. Charlie, the instructor, comes from a dance background and is very professional and knowledgeable. She really cares about each individual and analyses how to improve movement, flexibility and strength depending on your personal strengths and weaknesses. I'm 49 and wanted to take up pilates to strengthen my core and improve my posture and have really seen a huge progressive improvement, not only in my core and posture but also balance, general strength and flexibility. No matter how tired and stressed I am when I arrive, I always leave feeling energised, rejuvenated and happy. A great tonic for mind and body. Very highly recommended!“

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“My husband and I have been going to Charlie's mat class for 2 years and for the last 6 months have additionally had sessions using the equipment in her studio. Charlie is an excellent teacher, with a fine attention to detail and endless patience. We both feel we have made excellent progress, our postures are better, we are much stronger and fitter. We would highly recommend.“

Maria Paola Clarizia

“Charlie is super-brilliant! Professional, patient, dedicated and knowledgeable. I always feel very happy and that I've had a good workout at the end of our lessons, and I always look forward to the next one. I totally recommend her!!“

Jerry Bird

“My wife had been going to Charlie’s classes for over a year before she finally persuaded me to come along too. I had thought I was reasonably fit for my age thanks to regular cycling, but I did not realise how weak I was in my core. Since going to Charlie’s classes, I no longer get back ache after gardening or from sitting at my desk for too long, I can stand up on the tube without having to hang on, and I can balance on one leg to do up my shoelaces. None of that all sounds terribly exciting on its own, but I feel so much better and stronger for doing the classes. I wish I’d started much sooner.“

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