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COVID-19 guidelines
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Prince Pilates studio COVID-19 guidelines

COVID - 19 Risk Assessment: Studio sessions

For businesses re-opening and resuming physical contact, the Government has issued guidance on identifying and managing the risks relating to COVID-19,
I have therefore consulted the guidance and carried out a risk assessment.

The main risks identified are transmission from air droplets (when we speak or cough) which is mitigated by social distancing and from surface transmission (when people may transmit the virus by touching surfaces) which is mitigated by regularly cleaning surface areas and by hand washing. I am setting out below a number of measures that will be taken to mitigate the risks. I would ask you all to read and, where appropriate, comply with the measures outlined and also to feed back to me any concerns you have or ideas for improvements which think could be made. Your health and safety is paramount so I want to undertake all necessary measures to ensure that when the studio opens and you return to sessions we can do this safely and effectively.

1. Entering/Exiting:

When you arrive for your session please make use of the parking space on the driveway.

Ensure that you arrive in your sports kit and travel home to get changed.

You must wear socks - grippy soled socks are recommended, but not necessary.

Please leave any unnecessary belongings/clothes in your car and only bring essential items.

Take off your shoes and leave them in the porch.

I have set up a sanitising station in the porch so please use the hand sanitiser before you enter or if you would prefer to wash your hands then you can do so in the bathroom.

You will be able to sign in using the QR code provided, but it is not necessary if you do not have the app. I am a small business and able to keep track of clients entering and exiting at specific times and days and I will also have your contact information should I need to use it.

There will be a tray provided for essential items which I will leave in the hallway, this along with everything else will be cleaned after each client.

Please note that it is recommended not to use your mobile phone during your session unless it is an emergency.

I will let you in, please do not touch door handles or other surfaces as you enter and exit the building.

Both studio doors leading into the hall will remain open to ensure a safe passage to enter and exit.

Please ensure that during these processes, you maintain the appropriate social distance from others. There will be a 30 minute recess in between clients to ensure staggered arrival and departure times.

2. Activity in the studio:

There is space to fit a maximum of 3 people in the studio at one time with a distance of 2 metres apart.

The room is divided into two halves - the Reformer and Ladder Barrel at one end and the Trapeze Table and Exo Chair at the other. There is a mat section in the middle of the room which is generally where I will be standing unless you are using the mats for an exercise.

If your session is shared with another household you will be in either section of the room for the whole of your session, using only the equipment that’s in that section. I will ensure that the weeks will alternate on the use of the equipment to allow a fair opportunity for the shared sessions.

You must enter/exit through the door into that part of the room and ensure that you do not enter into the other households side.

Water will be provided in disposable cups and only I will dispense it. However you may prefer to bring your own.

3. Ventilation:

Following the set guidelines to mitigate the risk when an indoor space is being utilised, whenever possible with regard to external temperatures and the ability to heat the room adequately I will keep both studio doors open that lead into the hallway, the double doors to the garden will remain open and the windows at the opposite end, so the air is circulating.

I will ensure that the room is ventilated between clients.

4. Cleaning:

I employ a cleaner who attends once a week to do a thorough and professional clean of the whole studio, bathroom and downstairs. She will be paying particular attention to high risk areas.

In between each client I am allowing a 30 minute recess to sanitise and clean all the equipment.

This will also ensure staggered arrival times/departure times.

Additional hand sanitiser along with that in the porch will be provided at both ends of the studio and in the bathroom.

5. Equipment:

In order further to limit the risks of transmission you will need to bring your own mini equipment. You can purchase the equipment directly from me, if required, however I am able to adjust the exercises so equipment is not necessary but you may feel that it will enhance and facilitate your exercises.

Bands - £3.50

Prickle balls - £6

Soft ball - £8

Ritmic (Fascia) ball - £12

6. During class:

In order to manage the risks further, I will ask your permission if you are comfortable with hands on corrections or if you would prefer verbal. If I am physically correcting you I will ensure that minimum time is spent in close contact with you and I will generally remain on the mat section to adhere to the distancing guidelines.

I appreciate I will need to demonstrate the exercises I am setting, so I will ask you to step back and watch while I get on and explain. I have to take the risks into consideration of doing this and think it’s best if I take the necessary mitigation to wear gloves and a mask whilst I demonstrate. If I feel that someone is in danger or I need to physically help by holding the equipment or the client, I will again take the necessary mitigation to wear gloves and a mask.

7. Using the facilities:

You are allowed to use the toilet, but please ensure that touched surfaces, such as door handles, are cleansed before and after use. Wipes will be provided for you.

I have taken the main hand towel away and replaced this with small hand towels which have been rolled up and placed in the basket by the sink. When you have washed your hands please take one, dry hands and place the used hand towel in the wash basket provided.

8. Consent Form:

I will ask you all to read, sign and date a form to ensure you have understood and consented to the risks you are undertaking by attending the studio sessions.

Finally - I'll note that gloves and masks will be provided in the porch, though obviously you may prefer to bring your own. It is entirely your choice to wear any PPE, the government has stated that it is not necessary to wear a mask or face covering when exercising in a controlled indoor environment.

Importantly, of course:

If you have any symptoms and are feeling at all unwell, please do not attend a session. Also, if you become unwell after attending a session, please contact me.

I'm sure you all know this, but just in case - The main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are:

• a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

• a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

• a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal.

I look forward to welcoming you all back again with risks appropriately mitigated and if I may take this opportunity to thank you all so much for the incredible support and dedication I have received from you all throughout this period.