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Charlie Prince

Dance and Theatre Studies at London Studio Centre
Pilates Matwork and Equipment Instructor

Charlie Prince trained as a dancer with Swindon Dance, 2004 - 2006, before continuing her studies at London Studio Centre, 2006 - 2010. Charlie graduated with Distinction in Contemporary Dance and Theatre Studies. During this time, she used Pilates extensively to strengthen and align her body. Charlie completed the Tring Pilates Teacher Training Course in 2014, under the guidance of Veronique Coignac. She trained in Matwork, Equipment, Core Align and Anatomy.

Charlie has her own well - equipped studio based in Southmoor, Abingdon, for individual and small group sessions. Charlie teaches matwork and corporate classes in several locations in and around Wantage. Previously trained as a professional dancer, Charlie is a fully qualified Pilates instructor and has gained extensive experience with a wide range of clients including athletes, dancers and people with mobility problems. She also provides rehabilitation programs pre and post surgery.

“Pilates should be the foundation to all movement, aiding your day-to-day routine, improving your physical hobbies and activities, providing your body with the strength and mobility it needs to function efficiently. I feel that as time advances in life, supporting and preparing the body for the future is essential. My Pilates sessions are based on achieving good posture, harmony in the body between mobility and stability. I combine classical and modern exercises with Myofascial release techniques to help alleviate tension.

Pilates is instrumental in providing mental focus and endurance, developing awareness of yourself and how you feel mentally and physically, building confidence and achieving your goals. Pilates provides you with a sense of well-being and rejuvenation. We only have one body and need to nurture it. My Pilates classes are tailored to your needs and requirements in a safe, calm and inspiring studio.”

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